Bon a dire "Le Mur d'Oxyde" (Framed Etching Titled & Signed)

SKU: LI035

ARTIST: Roland Pichet (1936-2003)

Gravure, Encadré, Signée et titrée au crayon.

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Roland Pichet (1936-2003) is an artist born in Montreal, Canada, and a member of the Canadian Royal Academy who still exposes his paints, watercolors, and engravings. His work, minimalist expression of his sense of belonging, is similar to Jean-Paul Riopelle’s art as both being allegories of the wintry landscapes of Quebec. Although he began after his fifties, Pichet took lessons in drawing, painting, engraving, and lithography in the School of Fine Arts of Montreal and under the mentorship of some artists, like Alfredo Monros. Afterward, he travels repeatedly in Europe as grant holder, particularly by the Canada Council for the Arts in 1963 and 1971. He lives in cities like Paris and London, which will allow him to realize exhibitions thereafter, in the group and in solo. His art can be seen in the most influential collections inside and outside of Canada. Some of the most important are: the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum of the Fine Arts of Montreal, the Museum of the Province of Quebec, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Museum of Modern Art of New York, the British Museum of London, the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Artistica is the exclusive publisher of all his graphic work.This piece is limited edition. Buy it now!

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