Simple Tips for Refreshing Your Home in 2021

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Simple Tips for Refreshing Your Home in 2021


We’ve been spending a lot more time at home since the pandemic started. For many, this has allowed us to see our homes in a new light, and we’ve realized what we like and don’t like about our living spaces. Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to change what we don’t like! From adding pops of color to bringing nature indoors, check out these simple home update ideas from Artistica to breathe new life into your home:


Embrace new colors


Color can have a significant impact on your mood. And, as Apartment Therapy notes, adding a few elements of color can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Think of some of your favorite colors, and figure out how you can work them into your home. It could be navy blue, purple, mustard, dark green — whatever it is, bring it into your home through décor, fixtures, and other elements.


Add wallpaper  


Wallpaper has made a serious comeback over the last several years. There are endless options when it comes to colors, designs, and textures, and it’s really easy and quick to install. Not only does wallpaper add major appeal to any space, but it’s also durable and completely customizable.


Whether you’re looking to cover an accent wall or a whole room, you’ll be best served to go with peel-and-stick options. This type of wallpaper comes with an adhesive backing, which makes for easy application. Plus, you can remove the wallpaper and reposition it if necessary. Designs are printed as ordered, as well, so you can customize to your heart’s content without the risk of choosing a design that runs out of stock.


Rearrange furniture and fixtures  


One way to transform a room without spending a dime is to rearrange. suggests moving your sofa to the other end of the living room, changing the locations of your family photographs and artwork, and exchanging furniture with other rooms in your home. It just might feel like a new floor plan, especially if you hang art prints and framed art from Artistica.


Recover furniture


Do you know how to get brand new furniture without actually buying new furniture? Reupholster the seats and backs of your dining chairs and other soft furniture with an elegant pattern and/or vibrant color. Et voila — fresh, new furniture!


Boost lighting


Just like a splash of color, the lighting in a room can affect the mood. Rather than going all-out on a new lighting system (unless that’s what you want and you have the money for it), go for adding layers of lighting. For example, a floor lamp and a table lamp can go a long way in illuminating dark corners and creating a cozy atmosphere.


Incorporate nature  


If you want to quickly inject vibrancy into a room, put out some plants and flowers. Not only does bringing nature inside your home add appeal, but certain plants can even yield health benefits. Lavender, peace lilies, eucalyptus, snake plants, and aloe Vera are often used as a form of self-care.


If you want to take it up a notch, start an indoor garden. Along with boosting your home’s aesthetics, maintaining a garden is a healthy activity that benefits your diet, as all the edibles are as fresh as they come. There are many varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can grow well inside of a home.


After the kind of year we’ve had last year (and most of this year), many of us are looking for ways to make our homes more comfortable, appealing, and enjoyable overall. We can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, which means it’s the perfect time to make some simple home improvements. Along with trying the ideas above, keep researching and thinking of other ways you can revive your living space. In no time, you’ll be feeling refreshed and more in love with your home than ever before!

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