You Don't Have to Starve to Be an Artist

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You Don't Have to Starve to Be an Artist


Surviving as a working musician isn't easy. Competition for paying gigs is high, and data has shown that the number of jobs for musicians has been declining by about 4% per year.  The schedule requirements to write songs, rehearse your material, and play gigs can make holding down a regular nine-to-five difficult. Fortunately, the gig economy has made it easier than ever to pay your bills while chasing your dreams. Artistica Fine Art shares some insights.


Look for Flexible Work

The best thing about side gigs is that they are usually easy to get into and out of, so if you try one and it doesn't work out, you can pretty easily move on to another one. You can even juggle several gigs at the same time. Because musicians often work nights, evenings, and weekends, the flexibility to choose to work when you want is important.


Apps that allow you to pick up work without an obligation to continue to do the work regularly or at a regular time can be ideal. There are options for delivery services, ride-hailing services, grocery shopping, pet sitting, dog walking, child care, and more. 


Focus on Your Skills and Interests

There are lots of potential side gigs out there. Focus on those that match your skills and interests. If you're allergic to dogs, you probably don't want to be a dog walker. If you get lost driving across town, being a delivery driver might not be for you. However, you might be well suited to finding freelance work recording music for video projects or games or if you have other creative talents, you might want to write, do graphic design, or do other similar work. If you've learned all the hot spots gigging all over town, a side hustle showing tourists the sights might be a good option.


Consider Teaching

If you'd prefer to do something music-related, consider offering private lessons. You can teach from your home, rented studio space, or online. However, if you go with this option, expect to have to maintain a regular teaching schedule. Plan to only schedule lessons during times when you don't have other commitments. 


Turn Your Side Gig into a Business

Once you find a side gig you enjoy and make money doing, you may want to turn it into a business. While you can start a small business on your own, it is helpful to plan growth from the very beginning. Cutting-edge financial software will ensure that you keep a close eye on your cash flow so you can focus on profitability and know where to cut down in terms of expenses. Diving into your business finances from the get-go will ensure that your venture remains a successful and sustainable one.


Tap Into Your Local Community

Montreal is known for its eclectic and supportive community of independent musicians. If you're struggling to stay afloat, don't be afraid to reach out for help. Find programs designed to help developing artists or pick the brains of fellow musicians for tips and tricks that can help you get your footing. 


Whether you need a way to get by until you hit the big time or you are looking for a long-term way to earn a living, exploring side gigs can be a good choice. The right-side gig can keep you fed and sheltered without interfering with your musical goals. 


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