Expo 78 of Friedlaender - Musee of Sao Paulo by Johnny Friedlaender - 23 X 34 Inches (Lithograph / Art Print)

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ARTIST: Johnny Friedlaender (1912-1992)

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Expo 78 of Friedlaender - Musee of Sao Paulo by Johnny Friedlaender (Lithograph / Art Print).

Although Johnny Friedlaender pursued watercolor and oil painting throughout his career, describing himself as a “painter who engraves,” his artistic legacy centers on color printmaking, techniques which he pioneered. His early black-and-white prints drew heavily on Surrealism and Expressionism, executing phantasmagoric visions of animals and human figures, as in Cheval (1940), and aquatint etching of a horse leaping up towards the moon. Friedlaender’s abstracted portrayals of nature as a majestic, mystical force have been likened to Caspar David Friedrich’s transcendent landscapes, which he admired. As his style matured, Freidlaender rejected the gestural abandon of Expressionism, fully embracing a precise style of abstraction instead. He became known for musically oriented compositions of delicate forms and symbols in a harmonious palette.

Reproduction for Collectors:

This Original poster in lithographic technique unsigned printed in 1978 realized for the exhibitions of Johnny Friedlaender at the Musee of Sao Paulo. This fine art print that will delight collectors is a rare and unique work of art. Although not signed or numbered like a limited edition, they often appreciate value over time due to their rarity and age. Because of their rarity, collectible prints may show minor signs of handling or aging. Unless otherwise noted, each print is guaranteed to be in very good condition.

All of our fine art posters are made on thick, high-quality paper. Artistica Fine Art displays vivid and sharp image quality and has an appearance that is guaranteed to satisfy your best expectations. Our fine art prints not only give you the best quality art reproductions, but also a very competitive price.

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