Quebec, 1840 by William Henry Bartlett - 15 X 16 Inches (Framed Art Print with Matte and Glass Ready to Hang)

Quebec, 1840 by William Henry Bartlett - 15 X 16 Inches (Framed Art Print with Matte and Glass Ready to Hang)

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Custom Options: Size (overall): 15 X 16 inches

Size (overall): 15 X 16 inches
Size (image): 10 X 14 inches

Quebec, 1840 by William Henry Bartlett.

Framed Art Print with Matte and Glass Ready to Hang.

William Bartlett was born in England in 1809 and Came to Canada where he painted and sketched innumerable scenes of what was then Upper and Lowe Canada. He traveled on foot and by canoe from Halifax to Niagara recording as he went the highlights of the Canadian scenes, the settlers' colonies, the frontier towns, growing cities, and the many Indian encampments. Few artists have more accurately portrayed this country or rendered a better pictorial sense of history. In 1842, these sketches were engraved and incorporated into a book written by N.P. Willis entitled "Canadian Scenery Illustrated" and published in London by Gorge Virtue. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Né a Londres, Angleterre, en 1809, William Bartlett vint en Amérique en 1840. Voyageant avec les moyens de l'époque, a pied et en canoë, il traversa ce qu'était alors le Canada, d'Halifax aux chutes Niagara, consignant ses impressions en de nombreuses esquisses qui sont devenues pour nous une documentation inestimable. D'un art a la fois poétique et réaliste, on y voit le Canada tel qu'il était au milieu du XIXe siècle, ses paysages grandioses, l'établissement des colons, les campements indiens, la naissance des grandes villes. Réunies et gravées sur cuivre, les esquisses de Bartlett servirent d'illustrations au livre de N.P. Willis "Canadian Scenery Illustrated" publié en deux volumes a Londres en 1842. Ces volumes devenus très rares sont aujourd'hui recherches des collectionneurs.

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Size (overall): 15 X 16 inches, Size (image): 10 X 14 inches