Untitled, 1979 by Sam Francis - 24 X 32 Inches - Fine Art Print.

Untitled, 1979 by Sam Francis - 24 X 32 Inches (Fine Art Print)

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Size: Size (overall): 23.5 X 31.5 inches - 60 X 80 cm

Size (overall): 23.5 X 31.5 inches - 60 X 80 cm
Size (image): 19.5 X 23.25 inches

Untitled, 1979 by Sam Francis.

Printed in 5 offset colors on pure Lanaprime vellum 100% rag paper 250 g - 1st edition.

Imprimé en 5 couleurs offset sur vélin Lanaprime pur chiffon 250 g - 1re édition.

Francis moved to Paris in 1950 where he met Jean-Paul Riopelle who was to remain an important influence, and the study of Monet's Waterlilies had a profound impact on his work. From a very muted palette of greys and whites, he returned to the qualities of light and color producing such works as Big Red 1953. He continues to develop the use of white space and increased the dimensions of his paintings for greater emphasis. During his period in Europe, he executed a number of monumental mural paintings. He was greatly influenced by Abstract Expressionism particularly the works of Clyfford Still and Jackson Pollock. In his use of space on the canvas to allow free circulation of strong color and sensitivity to light Francis developed his own style by the time his studies had ended.

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Size (overall): 23.5 X 31.5 inches - 60 X 80 cm, Size (image): 19.5 X 23.25 inches